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Thank you for coming to my table. Prepare a meal for each of us and link to your place. ..Mr. Linky will be up after 12 a.m. US MST each Friday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And Here We Go Again

Second day of cloudy, wet fall weather in Fort Collins and snow in the foothills, already-- but that's Colorado.

I put up a new poem based on a local "character"-- there's an optional "challenge" for you-- weave a poem in which you interact with someone you run into when you're out and about and post the link here. Tell your friends about us-- tweet, FB, the rest. Happy writing and thanks for participating. xxxxj


  1. Our first video link, thanks Beau!

  2. I am telling my friends about you, but I did cheat on the 'prompt' today and linked something I just wrote which is not about a meeting... Might have to come back with something more suited. Have a fantastic fest, people!

  3. CC - our Friday Fests are usually just links from our posts of that week, in the group on FB we have weekly prompts. It is not really a cheat, it is an honour to have you here! Thanks for sharing and we have button now, I'm going to post the code here.

  4. Paste this code into your blog friends if you want the linked button for the Friday Poetry Fest, it was done for us by Just2Techy.

    Okay it won't let me put in html in comments, so find the code on the Facebook page, Timeto I know you don't FB so you can message myself or Jenne for it if you like.