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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome Once More to Friday Poets....

It's only fifty-three minutes into Friday-- but as I normally get this going on Thursday, apologies! I had a pc crash and had to re-enter lots of passwords et cetera. So we are live again and I hope you will continue to participate in this meme and to recruit others. I'll be tweeting this as well. I look forward once more to reading each of you! xxxJenne'


  1. My new poetry blog, Sunflower Poetry, and a poem on another of my blogs...can't wait to see the poems on the Meme!

  2. Can a poem be like an Impressionist painting?

  3. Many Thanks To Steven Marty Grant for the retweet... our numbers up but about a dozen people may be lurking... join us! xxj

  4. Joining late this time, but have valid reasons (as in a bad cold)! Look forward to seeing what is offered here this time!