Poetry - Our Movable Feast

Thank you for coming to my table. Prepare a meal for each of us and link to your place. ..Mr. Linky will be up after 12 a.m. US MST each Friday.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time for Feasting Again

Hello to my fellow poets-- hard to believe that Friday is upon us. Enter your info in the Mr. Linky Widget--- I'll leave the widget up through late Saturday. Be sure to check back periodically as occasionally people post later....xxxj


  1. Another great Meme! Can't wait to see the poems...will be sharing and tweeting...bright blessings!

  2. I have to admit, I love Fridays!!!
    Thanks, Jen, once again for hosting this - I am really looking forward to a feast over the weekend....

  3. I've added mine!

    Can't wait to see the whole list :)

    Oh, minor comment: you should insert a Name/URL option in your "comment as" pulldown-list. Since now I can't enter the URL to my actual blog. :) Might increase comments from others as well :)

  4. First time here, so hope I haven't messed up too much... *smile* Enjoy!

  5. Jen I'm finally here! I'm excited to be a part of this (particularily because I think you have incredible talent and love to be around your writing!...and your comments are always fabulous :)
    Amy Jo
    can't wait to get reading! can we get a button for this so we can post it on our blogs? I'll link to this now.

  6. Amy Jo - I can't access your poem! :( How do I get around the 'invitation only' filter, pretty please!!!?